Fair Redistricting for Sacramento

Every ten years, city council district boundaries must be redrawn so they remain substantially equal in population. Currently, Sacramento councilmembers draw their own district boundaries. Instead, Measure L establishes an independent citizens commission to redraw council districts.

Steinberg_Quote.pngRedistricting should ensure fair representation for all residents. However, when elected officials control the redistricting process, they can draw districts that assure their reelections and prevent competition. It is a conflict of interest for politicians to draw the boundaries of city council districts they run in. Voters should be choosing their elected officials; elected officials should not be choosing their voters! 

Measure L creates a citizens’ commission modeled after the successful state independent redistricting commission which took the politics out of redistricting and provided for citizen input and transparency. Now is the time to bring this reform to the local level!

Here’s what the Sacramento Bee has said about Sacramento’s redistricting in the past:

  • “Sacramento's City Council districts are a mess. They split too many neighborhoods. There's far too big a gap in populations among the districts, making a mockery of the democratic ideal of one person, one vote. And, to suit politicians, they're contorted into ridiculous shapes.” (1/18/11)

  • A commission… “would be a vast improvement over the backroom dealing that produced skewed districts after the 2010 census.” (4/11/16)

Sac_Bee_Quote.pngGood government organizations and community groups proposed this charter amendment to provide a fair and transparent redistricting process using an independent commission composed of Sacramento voters – not politicians or political insiders.

Vote Yes on Measure L for an open and independent redistricting commission to better serve Sacramento’s future and Sacramento voters!